Tennis Betting


Tennis attracts more and more the bettors because unlike football, hockey or basketball, in tennis there is only the 2way result option. This means that the winner may be player one, 2 or the pair 1 or 2, in double matches.

The draw does not exist as possibility in this game, so the risk of loosing a bet is diminished. However, due to the decreased risk the odds are smaller, but the interest of the bettors is to increase the percentage of winning, using the events with a higher possibility of success.

The most important when you bet on tennis is to be informed and you can take your information from the specialized websites, forums, where you can find out the details on players and you can talk to the other fans of tennis to decide where you will place your money.

In this game there are a few factors that you should consider, before placing a bet. These factors are: the shape of the player, the favorable field, recent personal injuries, the former results at those tournaments, the fatigue, the results of the former matches between the two players, the age of the two opponents, the ATP rankings (those points classify the players from all over the world according to one hierarchy, so the differences between the players are obvious.

The betting options in tennis are similar with those from other sports, but there are a few differences: in tennis we have the notion under/over in games and games handicap and in football these notions are for goals. In football you can bet on the winner of the first half and in tennis your bet will be on the first set.

Tennis also offers the betting option named “how many sets a match has”. You should make this bet only in balanced matches, in which predicting a winner is very difficult.