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Betfair is actually a betting exchange, similar to the stock exchange, which means that it is an exchange, but not for stocks, but for betting. Betfair is an intermediary between those who offer the bets and the ones that accept them.

That is way the term “sportsbook” is not really a fit for Betfair, considering that when you bet on a certain event at Betfair, you actually bet against another person. For a long period of time they have offered a sign up bonus of 20 GBP, which afterwards dropped to 10 GBP.

At Betfair, the one that bets on a certain denouement is called “backer” and the one that says that the match will not end that way is called “layer”. At Betfair you can be both “backer” and “layer”, this means that you can be the sportsbook, yourself.

The main advantage at this bookmaker is that you will get better odds than in many other online sports agencies. If you make an account at Betfair you will see that a winning bet will bring you more profit that in any other sportsbook from the market.

The minimum bet is 4 Euros, so if you are used to bet on small sums, Betfair is not the place for you. The good part is that for those who bet on bigger sums is that Betfair does not have a maximum sum for a bet. Remember, for this bookmaker it doesn’t matter if you loose or win, because only by placing a bet on their website they win from the commission.

To conclude, you should know that if you are experienced bettors, Betfair should definitely be on your list of online sportsbooks. Betfair is the biggest betting exchange nowadays and it has over a million costumers.So, in case you had any doubt, let us make it clear for you: your money is safe at Betfair, no matter how many zeros they have.

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