Poker Bwin

Poker Bwin

Bwin Poker is hosted be Ongame Network, one of the biggest online poker networks from all the world. At the no-limit Texas Hold’em tables, the limits are distributed so that there are options for everyone, started with the beginners, up to the most advanced. The limits start from the micro-limits of $0,05/0,10 and rise up to $50/$100.

The limit table start from $0,15/$0,30 and go up to $500/$1,000. Pot-limit starts with the same values as the no-limit Hold’em, but the maximum value of the stakes is of $5/$10. The Stud or Omaha tables concentrate on micro limits and the biggest values are $50/$100 and $25/$50.

Bwin Poker applies a generic rake of 5%, with a 3% The maximum limit can drop up to $1, depending on the size of the pot, the number of the players and the limits on which the game is played. The website offers a nice design, well proportioned, due to the Ongame Network.

Navigating is really simple, because of the segmentation in tabs, for selecting the favorite game, table and limits. The description of each table and tournament can be found with many details in the right column, including statistics, like the number of flop players, the size of the pot and the number of hands played in an hour.

The chat allows players to communicate when looking for the favorite game or while they are waiting a place at the table. As for the tables and the details of the hands played, they are displayed under the common cards, which means that players can always know the value and the shot they have in a very simple way.

You can deposit money into your account trough the following: Diners Club, Visa, Wire Transfer, MasterCard, and prepaid cards.