Motor Sports Betting

Motor sports are divided in lots of categories, competitions and organizations that involve cars or motorcycles. The most important competitions of this sport are: Formula1, Moto GP or WRC Rally. According with the popularity of these competitions, the bookmakers are offering different kinds of bets.

Motor sports are one of the most famous sports in the whole world, can be grouped into the following categories:

1. Car races with only one pilot

This category includes the most popular motor sports, starting with Formula1. Other important events from this category are: Formula2, Formula3, IndyCar and ChampCar. IndyCar is one of the most popular car races from the USA. In Formula1 you can bet on the race winner, the winner of the qualification laps, the podium finish, the driver who had the fastest lap on the track, the first that abandons the race, the winner of the first lap and many others.

2. Races of tourism cars

These races are with street cars that have similar engine powers, after being tuned by the teams. Most of the times a competition of this kind has only one type of car, with the same power, in order to give all pilots equal chances of winning. The most famous competitions from this category are: The World Championship of Tourism Cars, V8 Supercar, Nascar or DTM. The betting options on this category are more limited. The available ones are: The bets on the winner of the race, on the winner of the whole competition- outright and the most of the bets are head-to-head.

3. The rallies

The rallies are the competitions with highest degree of spectacular, where the car pilots are competing in the worst conditions. The biggest events in this category are: the World Rally Championship, IRC or Dakar. The most of the bookmaking are on the races of the WRC, with the following betting possibilities: The bet on the winner of one race, the outright bets and head-to-head bets.

4. Motorcycling

This is another important category of the motor sports. The greatest events are: Moto GP and the Superbike World Championship. Even if these kinds of races are very popular, the bookmakers still ignores them, offering very few betting options: winner of one race, the winner of the competition or head-to-head bets.

5. Speedway

In Speedway the motorcycles are competing on oval circuits, arriving at speeds of over 100km/hour, in curves. It is a popular sport mostly in Europe and the bookmakers have a diverse set of betting at these competitions. The most important events are: Speedway World Championship, World Cup, Grand Prix and the National Championships in England, Poland or Sweden. The most popular bets in Speedway are: betting on the race, head-to-head bets and total points bet.