Cricket Betting


In cricket all the games should start at the already established hour, so that the betting can start. The games that will not take place, or there will be postponed will be cancelled only if they are not rescheduled and plaid in the same day, or according to the rules, it is also considered for betting the option of the erroneous posted hour of start.

If the field on which should take place a game is changed, then the already registered bets will be kept, only if the team which plays “home” is the same. If the home and abroad teams will be switched, the bets on the original lists will be cancelled.

All betting are validated according with the official results, as the organizer of the game has established. Regarding the matches that are affected by the weather, you should know that the betting go according to the rules of the competition, with only one exception: if a game is decided by a ball out (the ball is thrown in the back of the batsman and this player steps out the field, they toss a coin and the bets are considered cancelled.

If a game is stopped because of an exterior intervention, betting are cancelled, except the case when the official winner is imposed by the official regulation of the competition. When the opponent is other than the one who is written on the list, the bets are cancelled.

If there is a draw, so we have no winner determined by the regulation of the competition, than all the bets will be rejected and the sums given back to the bookmaking. The betting is considered available, in conformity to the regulation, with the condition that only one ball is thrown out. There are some strict rules in cricket that you should know, before placing your bet and it will be best to watch a few games, in order to better understand this game.