If you like playing online poker, it is probably impossible that you haven’t heard about three of the biggest online poker rooms in the world: Titan Poker, William Hill Poker and Bwin Poker. If you want to register to Titan Poker, you should know that they have lots of facilities and bonuses for the new costumers, but also for the existent ones.

When you sign up and make your first deposit at Titan Poker you will get to use the bonus code, in order to receive the following rewards: a free $20 bonus at a deposit of minimum $20, 4 tickets at New Depositors $2,500 Freeroll (with a total of 10,000 in prizes), one ticket at Weekly Depositors Freeroll ($1,250 in prizes), 2 tickets at Special Tournament Invite ($1,500 prize, with sits to the most important tournaments and huge cash prizes).

The download of their software application is a very simple process and it will be followed right away by registering your gambler code. Do not forget to sign register your bonus code, so you can benefit from all the bonuses that Titan Poker has for you. You should make your first deposit and start playing on real money and you will get rewarded with a 200% bonus for your deposit, up to $1,400.

At William Hill, when you make your first deposit, besides the sign up bonus, you will get a free pass at 4 Freeroll tournaments, of $1,000. Due to the fact that William Hill always wants to enlarge their community, you will get a bonus for inviting a friend in the poker room. So, when you start playing for real money, both you and your friend will receive a $50 bonus. You can also make WH points in order to win even more money.

For each bet you make or for every tax you pay, when you gamble, you will receive WH points. The good part is that each time you play poker you get poker points, whether you win or loose. You need 8 poker points for each dollar bonus. Bwin poker is among the best poker room there is. Every player that registers are eligible for the $500 bonus and lots of tournaments and exclusive promotions. The bonus release is: for each dollar you have to get 8 points. So, you need 800 points for $100.

The bonus is available 60 days. Once you have collected the necessary points, you will receive the money in your account. The loyalty program from Bwin is called b’inside and offers Market points and Status points. When you play real money, you receive Status points available 3 months. The Market points are available 12 months and you will receive them when you play real money, but also from promotions. You can use them to buy anything you wish from the Market.