Athletics Betting


There are various events, like the running events (long distance, sprints, and steeplechase), the shot putt, javelin, the long jump, high jump, Paul vault and decathlon or other combined events.

There are some major events where you can place your money on this sport, like the Olympic Games or the Commonwealth Games, which are held once in four years. Other big events in athletics are: the European Cup, the World Championship and the World Athletics Final.

Although betting on athletics is not so popular like football or basketball betting, the online bookmakers are offering a big variety of betting options for all the athletics fans. The sportsbooks are making available the bets, bonuses and odds well in advance of the big events, so you have plenty of time to decide how you will place your bet.

For those who love the adrenalin, athletics betting can be a chance for having some exciting time, considering that this is not at all a predictable sport. There are, of course some favorite athletes in every category, but there are also many factors that can influence their performances in the day of the competition.

The 100m and 200m sprints are the most exciting competitions for a spectator, while the 4x400m relay and 110m hurdles can push the limits of every athletics betting punter, because winning and losing chances can change in a matter of seconds, so the excitement really pays off the risk.

Betting and athletics do quite go hand in hand, because the general public only gets really interested in this sport when the main events are close, especially the Olympic Games. The online bookmakers do not have great experience in this sport, so excluding the Olympics; they usually prefer not to be involved with athletics betting.

However, if you like this sport and you want to take your shot with athletics online betting, you will find several sportsbooks who have athletics betting options that you might like to consider.