American Football Betting

American Football

There are different types of online betting on American football.

The Parlay Cards

In case of a draw in any of the played matches, the selection will be considered as Push and the bet is transformed in a Parlay on the selections remained available. For example, a bet with 4 selections, in which one of the matches end up with draw, will be transformed in a bet with 3 selections and a bet with 2 selections in which a game ends with a draw will become a simple bet, on the remaining selection. In all cases, the bets are decided at the odds from the moment you placed your bet.

The Teaser Cards

In case that every selection ends up with a draw, the match will be considered as Push and the teaser will be reduced to the selections that remain valid. If the teaser reduces under the accepted number (3 selections for NFL or 2 for NCAAF) the bet will be returned.

The special bets- Season

All the betting on season takes into account only the matches that take place during the season. All bets are valid, no matter the number of matches.

The winner odds- Season

In NFL the number of victories and bets, compared on a regular season, are only about the teams which play all the 16 games and in CFL and all the 18 games from the regular season, an exception being the case of the remaining games that can no longer influence the final result.

The bets on conference/division

The teams that participate in a tournament are grouped in conferences or divisions. For example, NFL is organized in two conferences (American Football Conference and National Football Conference), each one having 4 divisions (North, East, West and South). Odds are offered for each participant team to win their Division and Conference.