Formula 1 Betting

Formula 1

During the Formula1 season which takes place between March and October, you have a various number of races that you can bet, including the two World Championships. You can place your online betting on who will win a race, which pilot will be ranked or will win points.

The qualification bet is the bet put one day before the qualifications on which pilot will get qualified and on which position. You could also bet on who will win the Drivers World Championship or on which will be the winner at each race. The bettors of this kind of bet will be eligible for 1/5 of the winning odd, if the driver is on the top of the ranking. You can also bet on the final podium and you will win if the driver is on the first three. When you bet on the final points you will win if the driver is among the final 8. There also exists the bet on the shortest time, which you will win if you can guess which driver has the fastest tour of the day, or the bet on whether the driver will need the safety car or not. The winning distance is the bet which allows the gambler to put his money on the time (in seconds) that separates the winner from the next driver.

When you get to know more about Formula one betting, you get the chance to bet and also increase your winning chances. The more you learn about this sport, the biggest will be your chances of making money through online betting. Formula 1 is one of the most popular sports in the world, so you can find a lot of websites that provide you the necessary information on this sport, or better yet, on how to bet on this sport. The factors that influence a driver in a race are: the capacity of the fuel tank of its car, his shape in the qualification laps, the weather conditions and any reported problem.

Formula one has a lot of interesting tours that you can follow from March until September and you should do that if you want to bet on this sport. Winning in Formula1 betting is more difficult than in other sports, because the results are more unpredictable, but if you do, you will have the biggest satisfaction.