Cycling Betting


Cycling is a very popular sport in every part of the world. Anyone can bet on cycling and the bookmakers have lots of betting options for this sport.

The biggest event in cycling, when you can place your bet, is Tour de France. Even the bettors who gamble occasionally are attracted by this event. Other major competitions are: Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Spania. The occasionally bettors usually go for the easiest bets, like the winner of a race.

The odds include Moneyline, fractional odds and decimal odds. The bookmakers set up their own formats. For example, Moneyline bets are used in the USA and the decimal ones in Australia or Canada. The fractional odds are common for the direct bets, when a bookmaker accepts betting on the winner of a race. The odds of a Moneyline bet can be +500, which means that a bettor will win $5, 00 for every $1, 00 gambled.

The possibility for a cyclist to win a race makes the odds go down. You have also the possibility of betting on more cyclists, because there is a big chance that one of them wins. In some of the bookmakers, you also have the possibility to predict from which the country of the winner is.

The most important thing when you place a bet on cycling, or on any other sport, is to watch this sport and do some research to find out which are the best teams and competitors. This will always help you to have a less risky bet and more winning chances.

So, before betting on cycling you should watch, for example, Giro d’Italia and then place your betting at Tour de France, even if, you will see that there are cyclists that train all the year especially for Tour de France, which is the most important event in cycling.