Golf Betting


Tiger Woods has been in a constant raise for many years now, offering a happy seazon for the golf bettors. If you are searching for sportsbooks that has the best golf bettings, you will find many of them who have good odds and a big diversity of betting option in golf.

One of the greatest tournaments in golf is US Open, which is played in June. Other big events when you can bet on golf are : the Opened Championship, USPGA and, of course the Ryder Cup. This event has three days and offers a big set of betting options during the whole period and has the most famous golf players from all over the world.

There are also the World Campionship at golf and the newest ones, FedEx Cup on PGA Tour the Dubai Turnament and the World Championship, from Dubai.

There are many options for a pre-tournement bet. The most common is betting on the winner of the tournament or the player that will arrive in the last 5, 7 or in the top 8, or in other events the final 5, 10 and 20. You have also the possibility to choose a player and bet tht he will defeat over 100 oponents, but you will have more chances if you predict that he will beat 4 or 5 oponents. You can bet on who will lead at the end of the next round.

The European golf is in an excellent position and it really seems like there will be a very competitive year, with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, which are in the best shape ever. This sounds like a great opportuniy for any passionate punter to bet on this sport. Just search through the online sportsbooks and you will definitely find the best golf betting option there is.