Hockey Betting


As any bookmaker, you have probably also wondered if there are factors that influence the result of a game. If you like online betting and you want to bet on hockey, you must do a little research first to see on which team you should bet. Sadly, there are few specialized websites in English that could help you learn the basics, but you have to be patient and take any information you can find.

You can check out the forums to get opinions about the teams, players, injuries and traditional duels. In order to make a good prediction you really have to watch the hockey games for a period, to be aware of the championships, the transfers from the beginning of the season and what the goal each team has for the season is. Like in any sport, the quality of the information, on transfers, the state of mind of the players and in what shape they are, is the most important. After getting the information, the bookmakers go with their personal intuition. A lot people love the offensive teams, so when they predict an over, the look for the players that the team has, and go for the one that has the most offensive players. If in football there are 11 players and five backups, we have another situation in hockey.

The two sports are very different regarding the amount of effort. If in football the players can resist for 90 minutes on the field, in hockey, after 3 minutes of skating, the players get tired (except for the goal-keeper, who stays on ice the 3 halves of 20 minutes). A team has a goal-keeper and five ice players, 2 defenders and 3 forwards (one in center and two wingers). The lines change at about three minutes: after the five get tired goes in the next line. The coach can change this order, recombining the players’ lines, so the tactics of the game can often change. If after the three rounds there is a draw, the teams play overtime.

The duration of the overtime is, basically of ten minutes each round and if after the rounds there is a draw, we will see penalty-shoots (three each team). The ranking will give 3 points for a victory, two for winning overtime and one for losing overtime.
If you know the rules, all you have to do is watch the game and then to place your bet on the team you think it has the best shots to win.