Handball Betting


In handball all bets are established according to the score from the end of the game, without the overtime rounds. In the online betting the result after 60 minutes is taken into consideration. If the 60 minutes are not finalized, then the bets are refunded. The only exception is given by the special bets, which have the result already set out.

If you like online betting, you should definitely consider handball as an option for your bets. There are a few things you need to know, before placing your bet. If the field on which the game takes place is changed, the bets will only be valid if the home team will still play on their field. If that changes, the bets on the initial organization will be refunded. A canceled or postponed match will be taken into account at the sportsbooks, only if it is played in maximum 48 hours from the scheduled time.

When you bet on a team, means you have to predict which team will be eliminated or what kind of medal will it win. You could also bet on the team scorer. If you do, you should know that the 60 minutes will count, but also the goals scored in overtime. The bet is valid only if the player you have chosen participates at those championships. Handball gives you a lot of betting options. You can bet on the team that scores the biggest number of goals in a round, on the round that has the most goals, on the score difference, the double result, or the first team that scores a certain number of goals.

Another type of bet from a handball tournament is which will be the best non-European team. The criterions for establishing the winning bets are: the most common is when a non-European team is on the highest position in the tables. If there is no ranked team, then the team which has gained the biggest number of points in the groups stages will be the winning one, the next will be the one with the best difference of goals and then the one with the most goals.